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+1Ohhh let me count the cost, I could spend a fortune on all the shiney toys on this site. Well laid out site and plush but as per GW very priceyKeldon12 Jul 2014
0Lots of inspiration but most terrain can be scratch built for a lot cheaper. The models are very nice but a long way out of a normal persons price range.Beier12 Apr 2010
0The Forge world site (based for Games workshop Citadel Miniatures) is fairly well organized. It caters towards fanasy and science fiction elements, providing collectors and gamers with above average resin cast miniatures and terrain. Brumby12311 Apr 2010
+1I have nothing about good things to say about Forge World. I own quite a few of their products, and though sometimes they require a good deal of clean up the finished product is well worth the effort.TheRat08 Apr 2010
+1All I can say is how cool these are, if you want to take 40k a step further this is the place to go!Joseph5966709 Mar 2010
+1I recently bought their Mega Dread model and while it has many pieces I found it almost as easy to assemble as a plastic kit. The level of detail was great. A pleasure to assemble and paint.Jagged07 Jan 2010
+1This is a good place for inspiration. Maybe to someday purchase a special gift for the serious gaming fella's in my family.MUMSY30 Dec 2009
+1Building the things Games Workshop mainstream doesn't. Nice treats for yourself every now and then.George T24 Aug 2009
+1The best resin gaming/diorama models out ther in the gaming univers :)EMPERORS EYE15 Aug 2009
0Some of the best looking resin cast items I've seen. Though quite a price tag on them. I've not ordered anything from them as of yet. They do have cast terrain though that one can get some ideas from, so worth looking at just to have seen it.Jackie-Paper14 Aug 2009
0Absolutely stunning models, but ridiculously outrageous prices.Angus Khan25 Nov 2008
+1What can I say about Forge World that hasn't already been said. There models are amazing, so of the most detailed I have ever seen. Prices are high but you get more then you pay for.Prometheus19 Nov 2008
+1amazing models, i often viset forge world and gaze upon their resin casts. definatly for a more experianced player. great stuff, check it out!zulu30 Oct 2008
+1Some of the best Games Workshop sculpts to date and a source for the increasingly hard to find Epic minis.khain1317 Oct 2008
+1Beautiful stuff and great looking terrain. Good for inspiration, as some of it is a little too spendy for me.atomsmasher08 Oct 2008
0Excellently detailed pieces for 40k, but have been known to ship the wrong pieces or missing pieces on larger kits, which can be a pain to deal with from the opposite side of the world. Also, expensive shipping outside the UKhecatonchireslm03 Oct 2008
0Very impressive models and terrain can be found here, but it tends to lean towards the 40k player. If not into that genre it may not be as helpful.Pylar30 Sep 2008
+1Excellent source of inspiration to the armour scratch builder. The site is well laid out and easy to navigate. The customer service that I received over email was excellent and my issue was solved straight away.PTI:TS27 Sep 2008
+1Mostly I just go there to drool over stuff that I'm unlikely to ever be able to justify paying for. However, there are also things like the Xenos Dissection Table, some of the conversion kits, and some etched brass emblems that I could justify.AndySlater26 Sep 2008
+1GW offshoot. Manufactures detailed resin terrain for their game universes as well as large range of figures and vehicles. Time for delivery and casting quality is much improved, but still a bit hit and miss. Customer Service (phone) is excellent._si_26 Sep 2008

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