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-1What may once have been of use is now a dead linkKeldon12 Oct 2014
-1These pages are no longer worth visiting, it seems that they have moved their business to eBay.TheDreamer26 Jul 2014
0Has some nice inspiration, but overall the pieces are pretty basic and not very well painted. Most of the items are store-bought, with only a minimal amount of "home made" pieces.Angus Khan13 Oct 2008
-1I didn't find anything here to enthuse me. As a plog its ok, but almost every piece is a based kit, many from GW, no original construction apparent, no tutorials or explanations. Painting and basing is only to a tabletop standard._si_10 Oct 2008
0Some interesting ideas and some inspiration. Nothing spectacular.MUMSY08 Oct 2008
0It may be good for inspiration, but it's mostly all basic stuff and rather poorly painted. Most of the items could use a good black wash and a layer of Dullcote.atomsmasher08 Oct 2008
0This site has some good ideas for inspiration but a lot of the terrain is rather basic.Groove05 Oct 2008
0This site has photographs of miniatures, and some small terrain pieces. (Bridges & Siege engines) Appears to be an advertising page for an e-bay store.Pylar04 Oct 2008
+1Hobby info and gallery site featuring 28mm GW Lord of the Rings scenery, terrain and figures. Plus lots more on historical themes too.flagbearer10103 Oct 2008

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