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One Ring: Building Middle Earth

Click the title/link above to visit One Ring: Building Middle Earth.
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-1This is now a dead link rated as negative due to it being dead contentKeldon12 Jul 2014
+1this is the best lotr site i have found on web been on it for a number of years lots of pics info and game help a good comunity ethosover-the-hill17 Nov 2011
+1Change link to: http://www.one-ring.co.uk/ The link above does not work.ableman3319 Mar 2011
+1This is a fantastic site, a great community and very friendly. They have a lot of very good, high standard step by step terrain articles.LockNLoad18 Mar 2011
+1Wow! An amazing amount of tutorials and step-by-step instructions. A really good site.atomsmasher05 Jun 2009
+1A great terrain modeling section and nice sculpting tips. Matt Davis1019 May 2009
+1This is a LOTR gaming site. There is a very good section on terrain modeling. All models are from LOTR, and most are inspired by the movie, but there are many solid techniques and tutorials to be seen. Easy to navigate, but wait for it to load.Zaboobadidoo Sr.19 May 2009

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