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Guedelon Castle - A Castle in Making

Click the title/link above to visit Guedelon Castle - A Castle in Making.
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+1Interesting as a reference work on construction methods and may inspire a few in progress builds - not sure 1:1 scale is gonna catch on ;)Keldon12 Jul 2014
+1This is awesome, I wish I lived near enough to go check it out in person.TheRat08 Apr 2010
+1Good for information/ inspiration and seeing a real castle being built! Nice medieval full scale project!George T11 Aug 2009
+1Very informative site; excellent architectural & historic resource for anyone interested in medieval defensive structures. Anyone expecting a grand scale castle will not find it here as this is meant to be a smaller scale residence (due to fundinkwiker30 Jul 2009
+1very impressive undertaking. the site has good pictures and examples of actual construction techniques. since they support academia, you could probably get detailed info from them.sagh29 Jul 2009
+1An awesome undertaking. Very inspiring for all aspiring castle builders, miniature or otherwise.PTI:TS29 Jul 2009
+1an awesome project and probably great material for any in construction pieces set in a fantasy setting..... bit mad tho....threewolftats21 Jul 2009
+1A very inspiring site in deed. Unfortunately the english page is still under construction. Some more pics are to be found on the french version. I will definitely follow this one.havre20 Jul 2009
+1Very cool reference site. In rural France they are building a medieval castle using only 13 century techniques, and materials. This is the official site. Some interesting pictures, plus plans, techniques and historical context. Anyone been there?Zaboobadidoo Sr.19 Jul 2009

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