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martin bowers model world

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+1Wow this guy works an some epic things but it's interesting to see the methods in the photos hereKeldon26 Jul 2014
+1Another site for inspiration, especially for those of us slightly older members that remember the shows the first time around! Fantastic and if I had the space (and the skills) I'd love to give one a go!TheDreamer26 Jul 2014
+1When I was younger, I used to LOVE movie models. It is a large part of why I got into this hobby. Great stuff ...space 1999 ..wow flashbackTheRat12 May 2010
+1Excellent for going 'wow' at and really easy to navigate.Beier12 Apr 2010
+1Inspirational photos of sci-fi models and terrain by a pro modeller. For use as referance or just to go "wow". Site is easy to navigate and has "how to build" for some famous movie props.coxrltw11 Apr 2010

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