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Diorama Clervaux

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+1This project still continues and grows. Very inspirational. There is also a very good book about the project and the modelling techniques used. I will be visiting this site again to keep up to date with progress.TheDreamer26 Jul 2014
+1A good site for inspiration if you are looking for WWII villages etc. Highly detailed modelling.Thumper22 Mar 2011
+1Simply outstanding for inspiration, and the WIP photos are useful for technique as well.Ferox17 Mar 2011
+1This is the type of model that I hope to one day be able to make when I have the time and space. I am really tempted to buy the book!TheRat15 Feb 2011
+1highly detailed diorama. Must see for anyone with an interest in WWII or model building in generalpainteddrum12 Nov 2010
+1Wow - lots and lots of pictures; amazing detail. Keywords: WWII, Battle of the Bulge, Village in Luxembourg.pendrake26 Oct 2010
+1Amazing site describing a modelers build of a 10 ft X 6.5 ft, 1:35 scale historical diorama. Great pics, easy to navigate. Also has book detailing techniques and tips for sale.coxrltw26 Oct 2010

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