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Laurie Green's dioramas

Click the title/link above to visit Laurie Green's dioramas.
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+1Very nice! If you are looking for inspirational images then take a look at this. I look at these and wish I could come close to making something as fantastic as these!! Well worth a look.TheDreamer26 Jul 2014
+1Some useful articles for both diorama makers and terrain creators alike. Very good photographs of modelled wood. Easy to navigate.Knight Errant10 May 2011
+1Awesome eyecandy for the rustic period. The site also contains a number of articles on different techniques for creating Trees, Rocks, and water elements.Thumper22 Mar 2011
+1Great! I love the techniques used, beautiful dioramas...Matt Davis1007 Mar 2011
+1The homepage of model railroader Laurie Green sports some terrific rustic dioramas. Make sure also to check out his articles section, and his collection of downloadable signs.havre07 Mar 2011

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