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Miniature Bag End

Click the title/link above to visit Miniature Bag End.
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+1Very inspirational if a somewhat larger scale than most wargames (bag end being done in 1:12 dolls house scale) great start to finish walkthrough of the projectKeldon12 Jul 2014
+1this construct shows to what detail the dolls house maker goes to perfect there craft of miniature making though the scale is larger 1" TO THE FOOT than we normaly use the technique is the same, something to strive to in the detailover-the-hill10 Jun 2013
+1This is great inspiration for any Fantasy or Lord of the Rings fans. Though the scale is bigger then most wargamers use. Somewhere around 1/32, 54mm or more.Joseph5966721 Sep 2012
+1Incredible details in all of the rooms. I love the little details like the statue of gandalf and other nic-nacspainteddrum08 Aug 2012
+1One woman's very impressive recreation of Frodo's home in the shire. Complete interior & exterior. She goes through home & describes techniques she used for a lot of items.Melly.Monkey25 Jun 2012

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