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Hirst Arts

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+1Great moulds, great site, the projects are a useful starting point for beginners and the tips are great, pricey but without parallel for builders of fantasy terrainKeldon12 Jul 2014
+1nice products, if a bit expensivekython30 May 2010
+1I own about 8 molds myself, love them! Great quality. Lots of ideas on the site too.TheRat08 Apr 2010
+1Their tips and tricks section is a very useful and one of the best of its kind.Lardimus29 Sep 2009
+1Simply awesome, I wish I had the time to build a Hirst Arts world!George T24 Aug 2009
+1Stunning molds for terrain pieces or for use in a showcase model... both thumbs up....EMPERORS EYE15 Aug 2009
+1Well worth a look. This place has managed to part me from my cash in the past. One of the best products for the money. Once again you are getting what you pay for and great service as well.Jackie-Paper14 Aug 2009
+1This is what I can say "a big source of inspiration". Very well done, with a lot of "making off" that drive the visitors to be "forced" try at least one time. The site is user-friendly too and gives you soon what you neeGregbag20 Feb 2009
+1Positive positive!! I love this site!!! I have two Hirst arts molds already its an awesome site!!!!!! I love this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Matt Davis1002 Feb 2009
+1Awesome tutorials combined with awesome, affordable plaster moulds makes this site a winner. The navigation is also very easy, another plus.PTI:TS14 Jan 2009
+1A great site which is easy to navigate around with an excellent hints and tips section and which I have found very inspirational.Obsidian13 Jan 2009
+1This site contain some of the most dynamic and well thought out terrain I have seen recently. The tips and tricks section is very informative and has inspired me to create several works, most recently a two level fountain.Prometheus13 Jan 2009
+1I think this site has the best moulds aroundAwesome.Zac66608 Jan 2009
+1A great site, not only because of the support they give to their building molds, but due to the pictures they provide. I've used them several times to get inspiration for a new projects or for an idea to help improved a model.Pylar30 Sep 2008
+1Great site, quality products, good information on using moulds and making terrain in general, not to mention information about how to start making your own moulds. Highly recommended._si_24 Sep 2008
+1Not for the faint of heart or the occasional builder. But for those people who like to make STUFF this is the product to get. It makes sense to pool molds with your friends tho.Rastl24 Sep 2008
+1Great site. The information is awesome, even for people not using the moulds. The moulds are in one word: great. They give a beatifull effect.Frerk21 Sep 2008
+1If you want to start casting plaster, this is the site to see. I got out of dungeoning years ago, but this stuff is so good it makes me want to jump right in. Everything you wanted to know about casting plaster.Tob04 Aug 2008
+1Even if you don't have the time or money to start casting this site has loads of information for terrain and dungeon building. Add in the info on making your own molds and the pictures for inspiration and I'd say this is a great site.khain1326 Jul 2008
+1Great site with good ideas for the newbies. The molds seem expensive at first but they last for years! I've made a lot of blocks from my molds and Postage is cheap too.Phil02 Jul 2008

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