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0Games Workshop seems to becoming incredibly focused toward profit making for shareholders rather than making reasonably priced models for the wargamer or modeller. It seems that the new look site is much more difficult to move around than the old onTheDreamer26 Jul 2014
0Much of the terrain related content has vanished in the last revamp - nice kits but leads to cloned battlefields the world overKeldon12 Jul 2014
-1there is hardly anything about terrain making on the sitekython30 May 2010
0If you can be bothered to find them there are a few good articles but mainly focused on selling their overpriced and reletivley poor quality products.Beier15 Apr 2010
-1Unfortunately some of the links and sites for other countries are poorly maintained. Use the UK or USA sites if you wish to learn about the hobby, or obtain directions for putting together certain miniatures and vehicles.Brumby12311 Apr 2010
0Special place in my heart for GW, but I really hate their politics when it comes to how they handle non-GW vendors. Makes me think of the Microsoft of the Hobby worldTheRat08 Apr 2010
-1Model Quality: Good Prices: RIDICULOUS!!Joseph5966709 Mar 2010
0The old site was much better and the articles were easier to find.They still drive the market though and have the biggest and best range of gaming material.Geoff B25 Aug 2009
+1Focussed on selling more than it used to be, but the home GW site is still worth visiting, especially now it's re-releasing old White Dwarf articles regularly online.George T20 Aug 2009
0Not so easy to navigate and high prices. A LOT of information though, once you are able to find it.gazeebo17 Aug 2009
0A couple of very enjoyable game systems and very nice models , but the last couple of years they are a bit money hungry and losing the original hobby orientation they use to have. :(EMPERORS EYE15 Aug 2009
-1Lots of pictures of pro painted items. Though many of the newer terrain plastics are awful. Most of the resources that were once there are gone and replaced with more selling sections. If you don't play their games not really worth visiting.Jackie-Paper14 Aug 2009
0I kinda like this site but i haven't bought online yet. All i use this site for is show me the stores in range of me and what minis Games Workshop sells.Awesome.Zac66603 Feb 2009
-1Has gone down hill fast. It mainly a sale site now most of the good modeling articles have now gone. The worst part of it is that the specialist games section has been gutted and left with only a skeleton set of GW rules and no fan based house rulesObsidian21 Jan 2009
0This site has recently gotten alot harder to use/navigate however as it pertains to GW product there are not many other sites that can equal it. I would however say that I personally tend to use non-company sites more though for both posting and fluPrometheus02 Jan 2009
-1What used to be a good site is now gone most of the articles and modeling side have disappeared. A good site for minis but now pretty much useless for terrain. Most of the tools in there modeling section arn't a very high quality and are overpriced.mousebush01 Jan 2009
0The GW site is totaly e-commerce focused and not community focused, really hard to find articles, tricks and tips. As suggested Google searches find thier content quicker than using the site! Try the Oz GW site for better content.Cyreath31 Dec 2008
-1What was once one of the most inspired wargaming sites ever is now a stinking, profiteering sink hole. All the great terrain, conversion, and fluff articles are gone, as well as the Black Gobbo archive. All that remains is a shadow of the former glorPTI:TS08 Dec 2008
0I don't find much use for GW besides buying miniatures. Their entire site tries to sell you their products (which is reasonable since they are a business) but in the process they lose a lot of possibility for articles which don't sell something.Angus Khan25 Nov 2008
0A site that seems to become more an e-brochure with every redesign. If you search hard, you can find some great basic tutorials, but too often jumps to "and here's one we prepared earlier" That said, the art is great inspiration.hecatonchireslm10 Oct 2008

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