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+1Found this site particularly useful as it gives information about all the Dremel products. I'm looking to expand my own range of tools in my model studio and this is going to be a good place to see what's available, how much & to be able to order itTheDreamer26 Jul 2014
+1I recently bought the speedclick wood saw and holder from this company and it is a great help with the small pieces of wood, precise and no kick back no problems with deliveryover-the-hill10 Jun 2013
0Just want to point out this link http://www.dremel.com/en-us/Pages/default.aspx as the U.S. website for Dremelgrumblebear04 Apr 2011
+1Dremel are the leaders in this style of tool, I have one and find it priceless for terrain building and DIY!George T11 Aug 2009
0I didn't realize Dremel made a glue gun and a soldering iron. The site is great but it seems they only deliver in Europe; if I'm wrong let me knowPTI:TS28 Jul 2009
+1A great website for a great product. Everyone should consider a dremel tool, the line has plenty of useful tools with great attachments, and this website seems to carry them all.Widigo11 Jul 2009
+1Everyone who makes terrain should have a dremel. The number of attachments, and accessories make this a must have for versatility. Good for sloppy cutting, as well as precise carving. Make sure to get a wide variety of attachments with it.Zaboobadidoo Sr.11 Jul 2009
+1I have owned 3 of these wonderful machines and there usefulness knows no bounds. I have already ordered one from this site before, the shipping was rather fast if I do recall.Prometheus08 Feb 2009
+1I cannot stress how helpful a dremel can be for modeling and terrain making. I also use mine for modding PC cases and detail carpentry.khain1307 Feb 2009
+1Dremels can be pricey, but they can really come in handy - even the smaller, less expensive ones. They are a great blend of hand tools and power tools and can easily pay for themselves. Make sure to get a good assortment of accessories when you buy.Angus Khan03 Dec 2008
+1good site and stuff that you really can use as a terrain builder. Pricey though...NetTerrain29 Nov 2008
+1I'm a big fan of the dremel. Many attachments used for just about anything you can dream up. Easy site navigation.Phil07 Aug 2008
0Handy site. Allows good looking around at the products. Haven't ordered from there, but might based on the other comments.Indra17 Apr 2008
+1Excellant tools, i have one myself. They use speed to get the job done, but some attachments you have to be careful of the max speed they can be used at. Overall good tools, and with the right accessories can be used for almost anything.dr.demento16 Apr 2008
+1good tools and a good sitemousebush12 Dec 2006
+1They were very fast and efficient when I dealt with them.AndySlater02 Aug 2006

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